CODA is an international music and performing arts management agency, dedicated to support music artists and produce high-quality events, concerts, projects, and tours.

My life is pervaded by music. I worked with famous artists but also young talents. Besides music, I devoted a good deal of my professional life to the culture and creative industries. I joined these two great loves and at the beginning of 2019, I founded the CODA agency.

In music, CODA returns us to repeat the phrase of the concluding passage of work. Both in art and in life, through these returns, we underline the values without which we are not moving forward and we live a new, gifted life. CODA symbolizes one of those, my personal returns.

CODA is also, my symbolic navigation marker as a celebration of the creative process and the pursuit of excellence.

Aleksandar Peković
CODA AGENCY, Founder and CEO